Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spell Check 5

This was taken in Chandigarh. Have to give it to the Jats & the Sardars.
The Signage reads "The Super Denims Tore"


ChUcK said...

Hilarious! Was this done on purpose? Or was it some incredible error on the part of the signageist?

desdemona said...

funny..! but the store doesnt look like one that could feature in a spell check.. isnt that a levi's??

kunal said...

arey bro that was one cool find..

it even tries to make sense.

SJW said...

Got here via the Black Box - first time in India I think.

Ru Cooks said...

Hello! Just dropped in via black box - love that thing!! Great post! Really love your writing style - my kind of humor:)