Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spell Check 7

Sri M.Sanjeeva Shetty, is the owner of Shringar Group of Hotels situated at Mysore, H.D.Kote and Sargur and also the President of the Bunts Sangha, Gayathri Seva Mandali, Sri Rama Temple, Mysore. He was the main person responsible for the construction of of "Shantidhama" at Mysore Central Jail. He adopted a ladies school for a period of 1 year and has given uniforms and accessories at his own expense. He also served as the vice president of the Hotel Owners Association, Mysore. He is also serving as advising committee member for Maharani's College developing committee.

At the beautiful Gangothri Glades cricket stadium in Mysore, Mr. Sanjeeva Setty the proprietor of the Shringar Group of Hotels has very kindly donated a series of placards as part of his CSR activities I am assuming, and the general amusement of the world through this cow-herd. Next time sir, please go the whole 9 yards and get a professional to translate, and, well....proof-read/ spell-check it before you put your name up in a public space like this.


Mith said...

Dude. Where do you find all these?

ChUcK said...

Tweeted. Brilliant stuff, Arjun :-D

Reshma Balakrishna said...

The translator (??!!) is being true to every single line... Just doing his job!!! ;-) Bless for for all the laughter!!