Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KlueLESS 5

If your name is not there in the list then don't get disappointed. The inner satisfaction that you get after completing any version of Klueless is unparalleled. So, start playing!!!

This is what the klueless team says in their hall of fame. 
Klueless 5 started on November 5,2009 9:00:00 AM IST. 

I have not posted explicit hints. I am posting **ANSWERS**. This is a spoiler warning, so those who don't want the answers, just close your browser tab/window at this point.

Level 1: Click on K5

Level 2: Change URL to Daze.asp

Level 3: Crusoe

Level 4: Beelzebub

Level 5: Slim

Level 6: Tantalus

Level 7: On

Level 8: David Beckham

Level 9: Horse (paste using mouse)

Level 10a: Remove "e" from 'extra'  in the URL

Level 10b: butlr

Level 11: little boy

Level 12: condescendingly

Level 13: peanut

Level 14: :-)

Level 15: wonderland

Level 16: veronica

Level 17: ritkhe

Level 18: minesweeper

Level 19: cruithne

Level 20: armstrong number

Level 21: economic bubble

Level 22: nike

Level 23: click on the coffins in order of 3157 and then on the wheel of the chariot (answer: salvation)

Level 24: thea (download the grid in doc form and follow the direction there after)

Level 25: FFE4B5(use respective Use RGB combo to get the first letters of the hex code)

Level 26: Wonder (qutab pincode+ letters)

Level 27: jai ho (get the movies)

Level 28: lustre

Level 29: adynaton

Level 30: delta

Level 31: jamaica

Level 32: phidias

Level 33: vendetta

Level 34: 22 july

Level 35: cameron

Level 36: blotto box

Level 37: nest

Level 38: leonardo da vinci

Had a great time playing it! Hope you have a great time too!
Link to play: Klueless 5

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