Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sheela Or Munni? #YouPrefer

Recently the 2 songs ruling the airwaves have been "Sheela Ki Jawani" from Tees Maar Khan and "Munni Badnaam" from Dabangg.

And I have heard a lot of people with strong opinions on both.

Lets meet Sheela:

And Munni:
And then some genius went and did this:
Sometimes being an MBA can be such a #FacePalm moment, no?
But as if this wasn't enough, there was this thing called Public Demand.
And now, this is the result :|

What next? For all you know, this will be the subject of some one's Dissertation topic. **shudders**

1 comment:

kavitha said...

HAHHAHAHAHAH... Awesomeeee!!! Sheela and Munni both are very close to my heart (However that sounds!)but I vote for Sheela!!

Go Sheela Go!!