Thursday, September 4, 2008

Khoj - An Online Treasure Hunt, by IRMA for Udaan '08

After playing and successfully solving a lot of Online puzzles of the nature of Deathball/Notpron and its more famous Indian editions, the Klueless series, I am now attempting the IRMA game titled KHOJ.

This could be accessed at
The help form and Hall of Fame can be found here

Me and a few good friends namely Gujan and Rohit Jain among others actively started playing this a full 2 days after it had started. (yeah I know, pretty active we are) but as word of mouth takes time especially when you are spread across 3 different, and very widely spaced cities, this I think can be forgiven.

Onto the game itself. I am probably prejudiced by Klueless and for that I ask to be excused.

Answers Level-wise

1. snake eyes (Set1)
2. chokher bali (Set1)
3. raincoat (Set1)
4. nine circles of hell (twentytwo)
5. even the blind can read (twentytwo)
6. and everything nice (twentytwo)
7. fahrenheit 451 (twentytwo)
8. tao of pooh (happythree)
9. beggars (happythree)
10. polymer notes (happythree)
11. charlie and the chocolate factory (happythree)
12. july (chiru)
13. godel escher bach (chiru)
14. anand mehta (steelydan)
15. 2008 europe taler (steelydan)
16. the english patient (mohana)
17. calvin and hobbes (manish)
18. home is where the heart is (lincoln)
19. sixth sense (nellore)
20. one hundred years of solitude (sexpistols)
21. the joker (kisskiss)
22. numbers (thecure)
23. daylight saving time
24. alexander solzhenitsyn
25. malgudi days
26. being a scot (franzferdinand)
27. tiffany (joydivision)
28. americanairlinesflight77(enteranswerhere)
Final Milestone

I think I came 3rd in this! Damn!

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tenalirama said...

Buddy it sure was fun.. Keep me posted on any such events