Friday, September 19, 2008

The New Answer to Life, The Universe & Everything

Well, there I was, sitting in my balcony, having one more sleepless night and thinking random thoughts when it suddenly hit me.

The idea was completely out of the blue and had no thread or connection to anything I was thinking previously all day or even all week.

I was so amazed, I sat up straighter in the cold night air, forgetting the c-stick I was holding till I couldn't hold it anymore.

It was like the feeling you get when you are in the middle of running a marathon and thinking only about the finishing line, when ZAP! out of the blue your thoughts suddenly lead you to the amazing discovery that you could actually try micro-waving pop-corn! I know, so simple right? And at the same time profound enough to make you stand still, statue-like in wonder, at why you didn't think of this before?

I mean, you are struck at the sheer genius of the idea, that unlike Archimedes who went from 0-60 shouting Eureka! in the flesh, you go from 100-0 in a single instant with all the attendant trauma that such a sudden stop will bring with it in the material world.

Well this is exactly what happened to me. And the "IDEA" that brought about all this is Binary Sudoku. 

I know, right! This my friends, is what I think, is the new answer to Life, The Universe & Everything! Move over 42, BS is here, Baby!

And then, thinking I was on the threshold of an amazing new discovery, one that would change the very way we look at the world, and in the hopes of making this a Googlewhack, I googled it.

And guess what? Yes you guessed it, come on now, don't be shy! Well, since you guessed it anyway I might as well just go ahead and tell it to ya'll!

I wasnt the first to thnk it up apparently!
The above image is living proof.
Yes, yes! I am not alone in the Universe!
Looks like theres hope for me yet.
only problem, The Hope Is Out There!

For those who are wondering what its all about,

Binary Sudoku: 

A simple 2x2 grid with one cell filled in so that the opposite corner can be filled in to complete a binary sudoku game. This could be a starter sudoku, so that you have a success to build on. Or have it at management seminars.

Illustrated below are the Newbie and Power User versions. Sort of like Easy & Cryptic Clues in crosswords.


Someone once said "Enough of this pseudo-ku. We want real ku."

Coming soon:
The One Cell Crossword!. 
1)The first letter of the alphabet (1)
1) The indefinite article (1)

PS : 

1) For the mathematically challenged, a Binary Number System uses only 2 digits, 0 & 1.
2) Happy Birthday Megha! Happy 25th.
3) #2 had nothing to do with the post. 


Rohan said...

you surpass yourself again! really funny stuff. and i loved the real-ku part!
ps: is the answer to the crossword 'a' ?

Megha Ramani said...

Nice one , but you know how fond i am of 42. Thanks for the bday wishes though :)

tenalirama said...


Rohan said...

I win! bring on the next puzzle!

dheeraj said...

babai naku nijam ga masth navvu vachindi ra .....simply superb !!!

desdemona said...

really funny!!! and hey thanks for the promise of one more whiskey!