Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2.5 Point Someone

For those who are thinking on the lines of Chetan Bhagat's debut novel, please stop right there.
I am a MICAn after all. No dumb IIT/IIM grad thinks like me.
That said, what the title alludes to is not a Grade Point Average (although if we do go by GPAs I would be a 5 Point Someone, ironically) but the number of decades I have walked the Earth.

The 14th of October, 2008, I officially turned 25 years old.
Thats a quarter century. Makes one feel quite old when you look at it that way :)
But still, its been a fun ride so far!
Oh! And all of you who haven't wished me yet or worse still, just plain forgot, WISH ME NOW!
And send me gifts too if you insist. (I accept cash and all major credit & debit cards)

Last year, I was dunked in cold water by my batchmates and friends at MICA. This year, considering I am not in MICA anymore and have been missing it so much, God seems to have taken into his head to recreate the feeling for me and soaked me through by getting me drenched in a typical Bangalore shower.(Guy has a sense of humour doesn't he!)

So well, in 25 years what have I done? Not much.

1. I got my PGDM from MICA.
2. I got my BBM from CMS - Jain College.
3. I started 2 blogs.
4. I learnt how to ride and drive.
5. I changed 3 jobs and am in my 4th.
6. I have a 6 figure salary. (Although it doesnt seem like much once the bills come in)
7. I have had a few good relationships and a few psychotic ones. And I have loved them all.
8. I have had quite a few Near-Death-Experiences and survived them all.
9. I have realized I am a pretty decent quizzer.
10. I became a Competent Toast Master.
11. I have a longterm relationship with books, music, movies, anime and my bike, Ninny!
12. I have travelled extensively across India.
13. I finally went abroad. And liked it. Just not enough to settle anywhere though.
14. I realized one can never have enough Time, Money, RAM, Memory or Band-width.
15. I made a few friends who I can say I can rely upon for anything at anytime.
16. I can cook and pretty decently.
17. I decided I want to be a house-wife.
18. I have had some lovely pets.

Well am sure there are a lot more things I want to add to that list. But am old now. And tired. And my memory ain't what it used to be ;) So will update this as and when something comes to mind. If something comes to your mind first, leave a comment and I will add it! :)

Happy Bday to ME!!!!


Polgara said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the comment! Hope to see you again!
Pol x

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Hello from T E X A S U.S.A.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving me a comment! As for the toilet papering the trees...Well its kind of a fun thing kids do to each other at night. it is kind of stupid I agree but if you get papered you kinda know "someone" likes you...
I have a 15 year old daughter so it was friends of hers, certainly not mine HAHA.
Also happy belated birthday. I have a 25 year old son who is in the marine corps.
Enjoy your 25th year!

Mith said...


scarlett thunder.. said...

now temme wat u intend to do with the wisdom you have gathered in these 25 yrs..

hmm..ok make a similar post on the mistakes dat u hav made in these 25 yrs..
dat wud b a fun-read! wat say..
:-) tc

SJW said...

A belated return visit to you to say thank-you for stopping by and leaving a message at novellessness.blogspot.com. Best.

kaushal said...

"I realized one can never have enough Time, Money, RAM, Memory or Band-width."

everything burns... said...

for a cow herd, ur eng is pretty good...lol...unless there is somen to th cow herd story tht i dnt knw or (considering m a major tubelight) i didn't get.... but no seriously
1)belated happy birthday
2) cool blog, although u hv no idea how bad spellings can get...
3) n good tht u travelled across india... most ppl go to all these countries n brag abt it n they dnt knw anything abt their own country...so....

Arjun said...

Too much dude... very very awesome post :) Keep em coming!

dheeraj said...

neku life lo pedda achievement na Friend avavatm aa ... antha kanna emi kavali ra ...