Thursday, October 30, 2008

Klueless 4

Hi Arjun,

This is Vishal from Klueless Team. One of the players sent me a link from your blog and it was really disappointing to see you directly putting away the answers. This coming from a players who has gone through the grind and is actually at hall of fame 12th rank surprised me even more. We would request you to please take away the answers from your blog which is totally against the klueless spirit. These are the kind of things which actually makes it unfair for people who relilgiously play the game and make it to the end against people who just get answers from somewhere. Getting answers is too tempting for anyone and even if somebody is just looking for hints might get the answers and you take the fun out of him.

We know that we have absolutely no control over what you put in your blog but this is a sincere request from our side to please remove that particular post.

Thanking You,
Vishal on behalf of Klueless Team

Well its been quite a while and I think enought time has gone by since that episode with the mail above. This time, the answers stay. If you don't want the answers, then simply close this window.

Well after another long year, Klueless 4 is back. Its bigger, its better and as expected more frustrating than its prequels.
Well this time it took me 48+ hrs to finish it. But finish it I did, and came 12th on the Wall Of Fame.
I think I have given enough time for ppl to get bugged by it. Here are my answers to it.

** SPOILER WARNING : To those dumb enough to require this, HERE THERE BE ANSWERS. Do not read further if you dont want answers. This is not a forum for hints.

If this post helped you, then be nice and leave a comment :)
I would like feedback u know!

The game can be accessed here .

0. Level 0

Click on Enter

1. Level 1


2. Level 2

Change klueless 3 in the address bar to klueless 4

3. Level 3


4. Level 4


5. Level 5


6. Level 6


7. Level 7


8. Level 8

Halleys comet

9. Level 9


10. Level 10


11. Level 11

dorset square

12. Level 12


13. Level 13

change letters in address bar to onering

14. Level 14


15. Level 15

Door 1 :

pluto (This is your password. Save it)

You reach a
Dead End

Go back to the
3 doors

Door 3:

hannibal (This is your username. Save it)

You reach a
Dead End

Door 2:

This page looks similar to
Level 1. So go back there.

conquer instead of play.

You get to Level 1a.


16. Level 16


17. Level 17

bon jovi

18. Level 18


19. Level 19


20. Level 20


21. Level 21

Change the extension .asp to .txt to get here. Copy paste the text to notepad, save it and close it. Right click and chk properties for size. 203 bytes. Change "itdoesmatter.txt" in address bar to "203.asp"

22. Level 22


23. Level 23


24. Level 24


25. Level 25


26. Level 26


27. Level 27

taj mahal

28. Level 28


29. Level 29


30. Level 30


31. Level XXX+1


Enter you details here to be featured on the Wall Of Fame.


Vishal Jalan said...

Thanks from the entire klueless Team.

Arjun said...

Aww... :-D My man's the 12th to crack Klueless... Kudos brother! :)

maya said...

hi...could you tell me how to arrive at the answer for level 7? The hints at official blog site wasn't really helpful. Thanks.

vivekm said...

A gift for u...... answers to Klueless5..... jope u enjoy!

1. click on k5
2. change to Daze.asp
3. crusoe
4. beelzebub
5. slim
6. tantalus
7. on
8. david beckham
9. horse (paste using mouse)
10a. Remove e from extra in the url
10b. butlr
11. little boy
12. condescendingly
13. peanut
14. :-)
15. wonderland
16. veronica
17. ritkhe
18. minesweeper
19. cruithne
20. armstrong number
21. economic bubble
22. nike
23. click on the coffins in order of 3157 and then on the wheel of the chariot (answer: salvation)
24. thea (download the grid in doc form and follow the direction there after)
25. FFE4B5(use respective Use RGB combo to get the first letters of the hex code)
26. Wonder (qutab pincode+ letters)
27. jai ho (get the movies)
28. lustre
29. adynaton
30. delta
31. jamaica
32. phidias
33. vendetta
34. 22 july
35. cameron
36. blotto box
37. nest
38. leonardo da vinci

akki said...

Surely helpful ...but a little bit of hint in the beginning could add to the aroma ...anyways , thanks brother !