Tuesday, November 11, 2008

KlueLESS 1

Well after that last fiasco with KlueLESS 4, I have decided to start at the beginning and compile my answers for the last 3 editions of KlueLESS here.
am starting with the first one, the one that started it all for me.

you can access the game by clicking on http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS


Here there be answers. No hints. No pointing in the right direction. Just a hard shove to the next level.

If this post helped you, please do leave a comment, feedback is appreciated.
No requests to remove this post will be entertained.


1> click on the gate

2> watch the door PATIENTLY and when u see "Can you knock???" on the door QUICKLY click on it

3> goddess: iris

4> complete me: ray-ban ...be sure to put the hyphen

5> http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/cobain.asp 

6> dial him: 666

7> change the url to http://www.iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/whereto/level8.asp

8> metal/pixel

9> Change URL to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/Leonardo.asp

10> Change URL to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/level10.jpg and then change URL to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/audi.asp

11> fifth/quint

12> hotel/california

13> change Url to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/thebook.asp

14> change url to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/mozilla.asp

15> vodafone

16> change url to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/adioswhit.asp

17> scaramanga

18> click on phone..... answer is elements

19> gorgeous/animated

20> change URL to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/doors.asp

21> dont type friends as the answer, if you do it will take you to a page which says dnuoryawrehtw which is ulta of otherwayround....so the answer is sdneirf

22> flake/ground

23> change url to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/dontchangethis.zip

24> here it goes two ways: red pill , blue pill...am goin the blue pill way....so i can cover everything....so click on blue pill and ur on 25

25> change url to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/matrixed/iridium.asp

26> answer is leg

27> creator of windows solitarie ;) first name: wes / last name: cherry

>>>>back to 25, this time click on the red pill<<<<<<<

24> 66not 77= iridium...he created sol:wes cherry

25> Click any ring...answer: gorinnosho

26> Click inside the circle. clockwork/orange

27> Change URL to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/vitalstatistix.asp

28> Change URl to http://iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/skipped.asp

theres no level 29

and you're done...


Mith said...

fun!! thanks! :) are there klueless 2 and 3 too??

Viky said...

There IS a level 29, which you get if you put the code given in the 30th level in the URL. :)

mazzi said...

hey hi...i wish to know that if i want a few random levels of Klueless and make a treasure hunt of my own to use in my college...how would i go aboutit.

pplz help

mazzi said...


I would like to know that if I wish to pick some random levels of Klueless and make a quiz of my own to play in my college, how would i go aboutit.

i know to use joomla.

plz help thanks

KraZzy KandoZz said...

1st o all,dude thnx....

heard abt cluless recently,n started vth it ydae,n i was jz soo stuck at 27th level,n vthout that "hard shove" frm yor part, i wudnt hav been able t go t the 28th.... but still, i'm not able t understand how yu came up vth the answer t dat... wil yu plz explain???