Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chutnefying English

Hindi and English, once pitted against each other as adversaries, now inhabit a common space and complement each other, sometimes in the same utterance. The interspersing of Hindi and English is most common in advertisers' tag-lines, literature, films, graffiti, short message service, songs and everyday conversations. With not inconsiderable homogenization, this phenomenon is called "Hinglish," a term we wish to understand and debate.

MICA is organizing an historic conference called "Chutnefying English," in which eminent scholars and practitioners are invited to debate the notion of Hinglish from the point of view of their disciplines-language studies, literature, culture studies, advertisement, communication and media studies, management, etc. contributing to what we hope will be a rich and textured array of perspectives. The conference will also incorporate panel discussions on whether Hinglish is a unifying language, and whether it has promise of being a language of tomorrow's business.

Academic contributions made at the conference will be edited as a book by Rita Kothari and Rupert Snell, and published by Penguin India.

Please note that the venue for the conference has been changed to Hotel Le Royal Méridien Mumbai

Why You Should Attend


As Hinglish becomes an increasingly common phenomenon in day-to-day language usage throughout India, it is imperative for anybody interested in doing business in India or for any academic studying modern India to have an in-depth understanding of this complex subject. This conference will provide a first-of-its-kind, up-to-date look at issues surrounding Hinglish. Attendees will hear not only from the top academics that have done research in this field, but also the perspectives of industry leaders that produce content in Hinglish. This unique and rare bridging of academia with industry promises to be not only highly interesting, but also a fruitful exercise that will be of great assistance to you. Attend this premiere historic conference to connect and interact with leaders and like-minded peers and gain a deep understanding of Hinglish.

Who Should Attend


Chutnefying English is the first international conference that has been organized on the topic of Hinglish and is the only event on this subject to offer such a vast array of global perspectives. It is especially relevant for:

  • Market research specialists, research analysts, media researchers, and communication researchers
  • Account planners and managers, copywriters, and creative directors
  • Field workers
  • Senior management executives
  • Academics
  • Education policy makers
  • Media planners

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