Thursday, November 13, 2008

KlueLESS 2

Now for Klueless 2.


Here there be answers. No hints. Just the answers. No explanations either ;)
And no requests will be entertained to take this off from here. Its been 2 years since this ended. Either get a life or get out of here.

If this helped you, please leave a comment. Feedback is always welcome!


1. iris

2. sherlock holmes

3. calabash

4. catch me if you can

5. 1729

6. gahooyoogle

7. roger waters

8. lamborghini

9. energy

10. compact disc

11. Doctor means doc

12. vibgyor

13. 211411

14. rubik

15. mobile

16. Nankyoku Monogatari

17. orkut

18. caatiu

19. failure is not an option

20. "memory" of the "calculator"

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1 comment:

Rohan said...

yeah,i played klueless 1 and had finished it.
klueless 2 and 3 were not well-made, so i didnt bother doing them.
klueless 4 is not easy though.heck!
hz it going ol' chap?